Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum

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Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum

$119.95 $101.00

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The Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum  is a potent skincare treatment formulated to enhance the complexion’s radiance while improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity. This serum combines the power of vitamin C with a blend of other beneficial ingredients to deliver impressive results.

The key ingredient in this serum is vitamin C, which is renowned for its ability to promote a brighter and more even skin tone. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps to protect the skin against free radicals, which can cause damage and accelerate the aging process. It also aids in collagen synthesis, which is essential for maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

The concentration of vitamin C in this serum is 20%, making it a highly potent formulation that can deliver noticeable results. The high concentration ensures that the skin receives an ample dose of this powerful antioxidant to help combat the effects of environmental stressors and promote a more youthful appearance.

In addition to vitamin C, the serum is enriched with a variety of other beneficial ingredients. These include niacinamide, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and even out skin tone. The serum also contains superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme that further enhances the serum’s ability to protect the skin from oxidative damage.

To provide hydration and nourishment, the serum incorporates a blend of humectants and moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA. These ingredients help to attract and retain moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and plump.

The Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum is formulated with a stable form of vitamin C, ensuring optimal efficacy and longevity of the product. It is designed to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

To use the serum, cleanse your face thoroughly and apply a few drops of the product onto your fingertips. Gently massage the serum onto your face, neck, and décolletage, avoiding the eye area. For best results, use the serum in the morning, followed by a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Regular use of the Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum can help to visibly brighten the complexion, reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, improve skin firmness and elasticity, and promote an overall youthful and radiant appearance.

As with any skincare product, it’s recommended to perform a patch test before incorporating the serum into your routine, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. If any irritation or adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.


20% Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid: A newer, more stable form of Vitamin C. Fades imperfections, boosts collagen production, and provides excellent photoprotection underneath sunscreen.

2% Orange Extract Complex: Derived from citrus cells, it firms and smooths skin and provides a renewed complexion.

0.05% Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol: A potent antioxidant with a similar structure to Vitamin E. It’s known for not only protecting against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) but also against Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) (both are reactive molecules that cause damage to cells and tissues and are responsible for several mechanisms which trigger skin ageing).

Glutathione: A potent antioxidant that helps target photoageing, battles oxidative stress, and reduces the concerns associated with exposure to free radicals. Leaves the skin looking clearer, firmer, and more even.

Ergothioneine: An antioxidant amino acid that helps brighten dullness, protects against pollution damage, and reduces signs of premature ageing, such as crow’s feet and fine lines.

Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten Ingredients

Propanediol, Glycerin, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Benzimidazole Diamond Amidoethyl Urea Carbamoyl Propyl Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Helianthus Annuus Seed Wax, Polyglyceryl-10 Tristearate, Ethoxydiglycol, Dicaprylyl Ether, Aqua (Water), Caprylyl Glycol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Callus Culture Extract, Glutathione, Acetyl Cysteine, Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol, Ergothioneine, Tocopherol, Gluconolactone, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Xanthan Gum, Silica, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol.

Formulated without Silicones, Sulfates, Denatured Alcohol, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances, and Essential Oils.


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